Things to Know Before you Get a Tattoo

Things to Know Before you Get a Tattoo

Are you considering getting a tattoo? This is something that crosses the minds of many people throughout their life. There are different types of tattoo; others have meaning while other acts as a symbol of a group. You need to do research know the kind of tattoo that is best for you and what it signifies. Here are things you need to know before you get a tattoo. 

It is always good to get to know a little about your tattoo artist. What their reputation as a tattoo artist is. How much experience they have. Is the tattoo parlor registered with the BBB? These are some good things to find out as you want your tattoo to be done safely as well as come out looking as good as you expect it to. 

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Talk to your tattoo artist about your tattoo. Make sure to ask questions about the tat that you are interested in, such as how long it will take and if there are any risks involved. The more you talk about with your artist, the more precise your final product will be and the more you will know about how and what will need to be done. 

Things to Know Before you Get a Tattoo

Since this type of job requires working with needles, it is important to deal with an artist or parlor that has a reputation for cleanliness. Infections can easily take place if tools are not clean and sterilized, and this is something you need to keep in mind whenever considering any artist or parlor. Good tattoo artists will be able to tell you how to prevent infections and give you helpful information about any infections that could occur. 

Finding out how much the tattoo will cost is also a good idea. Just like with anything else, you don’t want to have someone start working with you and then find out you can’t afford to pay them after work. You might look a silly little walking around with a finished half tattoo. Especially when you could have gotten something else that you could have been able to afford, keep in mind however that depending on the size and artwork needed for a specific tattoo, even though you can afford it, it may have to be done in pieces due to pain, infection, or even just time factors related to that particular tattoo. 

When opting for tattoos and body piercing, you need to know that the process is painful. The good thing is that there are several distractions to help aid the pain. You tattoo artist will guide you through the process. After the tattoos and body piercing, you need to care for the tattoo and piercings to avoid possible infections.  Want to know more about
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Another good thing to check on before you get a tattoo is if the parlor or artist has any guarantees or refunds. This is important because if for some reason the tattoo doesn’t come out to your liking you don’t want to have to pay more for it to be fixed. This is a rare occurrence, but in the event, the tattoo is not what you want at all you need to know you can get your money back as well.

Tattoos are great when they are done by professionals, before going to professional for tattoos engraved on your body, go to graphic designers and get a sketch of your tattoo, that you can hand it over to the tattoo engraver so that you can get what you need.

The Origins Of Body Modification; Tattoos and piercings

The Origins Of Body Modification; Tattoos and piercings

Body modification refers to intentionally altering an individual’s body for non-medical purposes like religious reasons, for rites of passage or religious and beauty purposes. Different types or body moderation started at different times. For thousands of years, some have been in existence while others came to light just recently. Tattoos and body piercing are the most common ways associated with body modification. Other types include; tongue piercings, body art like tattoos, neck rings, subdermal implants, ear shaping, foot binding, scarification, branding, surgical implants among others.The decision made by a person to get body modification can be due to different reasons but most people usually brush it off as a cry for attention seeking or being rebellious since they are not familiar with the history of tattoos and piercings and what they have become in the mainstream culture. Click here for more information.    

Although the various means of modifying your body cannot be traced back to a single culture or continent, It is believed that the very oldest documented tattooed person was the Iceman Otzi and in 1991, his body was found but had died in 3300 bc. Generally, tattoo culture is said to have originated well over 10,000 years ago. On mummified bodies of egyptian people, tattoos of mythical creatures as well as animals were found.Roman emperor, Constantine prohibited tattoos when Christianity was on the rise, because they were associated with Criminals and paganism. The Nazis would tattoo Jews on their arms during Holocaust while Romans tattooed their criminals and slaves. In every period in History, there has been a time when tattooing has been thought of a vice and a taboo but they do become more mainstream each and every day because of new techniques discovered as well advancement made in the modern technology.      

The Origins Of Body Modification; Tattoos and piercings

Nose piercing is also a common form that is used for body modification. In thousands of years, it has been practiced. The first recorded nose piercings were about recorded roughly 4000 years in Middle East and are named in Bible in the book of Genesis chapter 24 verse 22 during the 16th century. The culture that originated from the Middle East was then introduced to Indians. There was no nose piercing in America or general west not until a group of people who had initially travelled to India after which they introduced that culture into the united states.

The origin of tongue piercings is ancient Aztecs since they practiced a ritual where blood meant to be offered to the gods was drawn from the tongue creating an altered state where the sharmans could communicates with the gods. Piercing of the lips had also gained popularity and were purely reserved for the male members. The ear piercings are believed have originated for some magical purposes. There were some naive beliefs among some tribes which stated that it was possible for demons to enter into a person’s body through their ears and putting metal in them would repel the evil spirits and this created a need for ear piercing.They were also done for ritual purposes, for instance when a father and mother would pierce each ear of a child to symbolize that the child depended on both for survival.

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