Latest styles of lip piercings

Lip piercings are a type of body piercing that penetrates the area surrounding the lip or the lip itself. This piercing can be done in various ways for different styles. Like tattoos and body piercing, lip piercings are done to enhance beauty as well as give someone an edge. Lip piercing is also commonly done to young men in Africa after they have come of age and had initiation. It is quite common especially among the young people today and it reflects an individual’s sense of style. Compared to other types of lip piercings, it is the least painful and this could be a great reason why people prefer it to other forms of piercings.  These are some of the latest styles of lip piercings.    

1. The medusa piercing.  This is a type of a piercing that is done just below the nose on the philtrum region and this makes it to be officially called the philtrum piercing.  A medusa lip piercing is typically done by use of a labret stand as jewelry and the ball sits outside the mouth as in the dip of the lip on top. In other variations, a curved barbell is used and the piercing will be placed vertically through the lip being pierced in a way that both beads are visible. To get about health issues regarding piercing, visit:   

Latest styles of lip piercings

2. The Labret piercing.  They are often considered as being lip piercings but they are not exactly attached to the lip. It is pierced above the chin and under the lip, however, if you would like to be pierced, you can choose the location where you want it to be positioned in.     

3. The Jestrum piercing.   It resembles a vertical labret piercing but it is pierced on the top lip just like the medusa piercing and this has led it to be given another name, vertical medusa. It is done on the upper lip philtrum and placed directly under the nasal spectrum. The process uses a curved barbell and both ends of the piercing are actually visible externally as the barbell’s lower part curves on the underside of the upper lip.  Sometimes, it can be combined with a lower labret and this forms a symmetrical look. For more information about Jestrum piercing, click here.   

4. A spider bites piercing.  It is also known as the viper bite piercing. It is a pair of piercings which are on the bottom lip and also close together. The name is derived from the fact that they look like a snake bite but they are closer together as compared to a snake bite.  They cannot be done together and are done one at a time as these piercings are more painful than they should be and you must wait until one piercing is healed so that you can go and have the next done.    

5. The Madonna piercing.  This is a labret which is placed on the right, off-centre on the right in the upper lip at the same place that some starlets have moles or beauty marks.  A 14 gauge labret jewelry is often used and sometimes a labret jewel stud. Usually, a labret piercing is placed on the right side of your face.