5 Tips For Piercing Your Belly Button

Body modification has become increasingly common and can range from piercings to even more extreme measures such as shaping your teeth. Tattoos and body piercing is a form of art that has been used for cosmetic purposes as well as representations of some memories that people have in their daily lives. For example, birthdays of lovers or children, names of people who brought significant value to our lives, dates that mark important events in our lives or for decoration and beauty. There are people who feel like their skin is blank or naked without them and feel the need to have a tattoo or more drawn on their skin. To get about body piercings precautions, click here.   

Belly button piercings are attractive and beautiful. It is even practiced in some cultures as a tradition. Traditional belly button piercings are done above the upper half of your navel. Here are some tips for piercing your belly button    

1. The belly button piercing kit.  You must make sure that your piercing kit contains cotton balls, a body ink marker, a pair of sterile gloves, some jewellery as well as a mirror. The piece of jewellery should be small and thin. You will also need a clamp and a 14 gauge sterile piercing needle which is made from bioplast, titanium or stainless steel and a 14 gauge belly button ring. Rubbing alcohol is also necessary and some wipes.    

5 Tips For Piercing Your Belly Button

2. Picking the location for the belly button piercing.  Determining where you want your belly button piercing is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to getting one. Most of the times, people pierce above the navel. For instance, if you are a lady who is plus size, you will want it pierced where it is exposed and will not be hidden by a stomach roll whenever you sit down. The piercing also needs air to heal hence the need for exposure.    

3. Keeping it clean.  Once you get your belly button piercing, it is very important to keep it as clean as possible. Especially when it has not healed yet. This helps you to keep it from getting bacteria or dirt which could lead to an infection or further complications. Also, a dirty navel can cause irritation which creates discomfort and makes you want to itch all the time.    

4. Avoid jewellery that dangles.  Dangling belly button jewellery is beautiful but sometimes may get caught up in your navel, especially if you have a big belly. Also, having them pulled on clothes or other things is very uncomfortable and also very irritating. Curved barbells with balls of jewellery which are rounded and smooth allows for smoother movement of the jewellery within your belly button piercing as well as makes it easier to avoid irritations and infections or the risk of getting caught onto something.    

5. Just show it off.  A belly button is very pretty and it also complements your body and you should not be afraid to show it off. Flaunting it when wearing a crop top or other clothes that reveal your body is good. During the summer, flaunt it in your bikini and appreciate how gorgeous it looks on you.

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